USA Time Square New York City: Sinoswan ST80 Shines at Times Square Event

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Introduction: We are thrilled to announce the spectacular success of our Sinoswan model ST80 at Times Square, NYC! This event highlighted the unmatched capabilities of the ST80, capturing the attention and admiration of a large audience. Our American client utilized this state-of-the-art mobile stage trailer to create an unforgettable outdoor experience, showcasing the model’s impressive features and performance.

About the SINOSWAN ST80: The SINOSWAN ST80 3320 is a medium mobile stage trailer designed for versatility and durability. It features a hydraulic setup with a stage size of 25x20ft, expandable to 33x20ft with two additional manual stage platforms. Key features include:

•Hydraulic Setup: Ensures quick and efficient stage expansion and adjustment.
•Three Cylinders per Wing: Provides 10 years of strong, durable use for lifting and lighting.
•4ft Stage Height: Offers excellent visibility and audience engagement.
•Onboard Generator: Guarantees seamless and uninterrupted performances.
•Certifications: DOT, Europe CE ICR, and Stamp Structure certified for high safety and reliability.
•Audience Capacity: Suitable for events hosting 3000-5000 people.

Smart Design:

•Durable, Stylish, and Affordable: Combines strength and aesthetics with cost-effectiveness.
•Quick Setup: Ready in under 30 minutes with just two stagehands.
•Easy Transport: Ideal for both urban and rural locations.
•High Safety: Certified by USA DOT, Structure Engineer Stamp, and Europe CE ICR Steel Structure.
•Stage Care Warranty: Includes five years of free warranty on the hydraulic system and main stage structure, with lifetime technical support.
•Reputable Brand: Recognized as a fast-growing brand in mobile hydraulic stages.

Versatility for Various Events: The ST80 is the ultimate solution for a wide range of outdoor events. Whether it’s concerts, festivals, corporate gatherings, or community events, the ST80 offers the flexibility and reliability needed to ensure success. Its robust design and quick setup make it perfect for spontaneous performances or planned extravaganzas, providing a professional stage presence for any occasion.

Conclusion: The Sinoswan ST80 has proven to be a game-changer in the mobile stage industry, delivering outstanding performance and versatility. Its recent deployment at Times Square, NYC, is a testament to its exceptional design and functionality. For unforgettable outdoor events that captivate and impress, the ST80 is the definitive choice. Elevate your events with the Sinoswan ST80 today!

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