New York’s Event Revolution The Sinoswan ST80N Fiesta Car Success Story

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Sinoswan recently showcased the ST80N Fiesta car in New York, United States, where it was prominently used for traveling singing performances. This case highlights the car’s exceptional performance and suitability for scenic spots and street carnival performances, proving its effectiveness in one of the world’s most bustling cities.

Introduction to the ST80N Fiesta Car Model

The ST80N Fiesta car is meticulously designed with a primary focus on facilitating traveling singing performances, making it highly suitable for scenic locations and street carnivals. The robust and versatile nature of this mobile stage is evident through its detailed design and specifications, ensuring it meets the dynamic needs of various outdoor events.

Description of the ST80N Fiesta Car

The ST80N Fiesta car features a basic length of 7700 mm (extending to 8000 mm after renovation), a width of 2500 mm, and a height of 3450 mm, with an internal height of 3240 mm. Its front panel stands at a height of 2400 mm. The inclusion of a stainless steel removable fence ensures both safety and ease of setup for performances.

Key Features:

Hydraulic System:Equipped with a 4-hydraulic outrigger system, providing stability and ease of setup on various terrains.

Speaker and Lighting Systems:The car includes a speaker room with a single door for easy access, a 4-speaker lifting belt to enhance audio quality and coverage, and LED screens around the top to provide a visually engaging experience for the audience.

Versatility: Features such as lower flaps on both sides for easy access and additional space for performers, and a rear boarding pedal for convenient entry and exit of performers and equipment.

Applications:Ideal for a variety of outdoor events, including scenic performances and street carnivals, due to its portable and adaptable design.

Usage and Performance

The ST80N Fiesta car has proven its reliability and effectiveness in real-world applications, such as its recent use in Times Square, New York. The car’s design ensures it can handle the demands of continuous travel and setup, making it a preferred choice for mobile performance needs.


By integrating state-of-the-art audio and visual systems with a robust and flexible design, the ST80N Fiesta car stands out as a premier option for event organizers aiming to create memorable and impactful performances in any setting. Its successful deployment in New York demonstrates its capability to perform under high-profile and demanding conditions, reinforcing its position as a leading solution for mobile events and activities.

Watch the video of our ST80N Fiesta car in action in New York to see its impressive features and performance

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