American-Beninese Client Visits Sinoswan Factory: Exploring SS70, SS90, and SR40 Mobile Stages

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Sinoswan Welcomes Esteemed Client for Product Discussion and Training

We were honored to host a valued client with dual American and Beninese nationality at our Sinoswan factory. The visit was a significant opportunity to discuss his upcoming ordering plans and to provide comprehensive product setup training. Our client’s interest spans across several of our top models, including the SS70, SS90, and SR40 mobile stages.

Focused Discussions on Mobile Stage Solutions

During the visit, our team engaged in detailed discussions about the client’s specific requirements and preferences. The products of interest included:

SS70 Mobile Stage:

1. Versatility and Size:The SS70 is a medium mobile stage with a body length of 7.8 meters and an expandable stage platform measuring 10×9 meters, providing 90 square meters of performance space. It is ideal for events hosting between 2,000 and 5,000 people.

2. Truck Chassis Options:The SS70 is available with various chassis options, including ISUZU, FAW, SINOTRUCK, FOTON, DONGFENG, and JAC. Both left-hand and right-hand drive options are available.

3. Multi-Media and Safety Features:This model includes an integrated sound system, advanced lighting system, mobile generator trailer, and a mobile hydraulic LED system. It is certified by USA Dot, Structure Engineer Stamp, and Europe CE ICR Steel Structure, ensuring high safety standards.

4. Efficiency and Warranty: The SS70 features a smart design that is durable, stylish, and affordable. It can be set up in under an hour with just two stage hands and is easy to transport to various locations. The model also comes with a five-year free warranty on the hydraulic system and stage body main structure, along with lifetime technical support.

SS90 Mobile Stage:

Largest Truck-Type Stage: The SS90 is the largest truck-type mobile stage in our lineup, with a stage box length of 9.6 meters and an expandable platform measuring 12×9 meters, providing 108 square meters of performance space. It is ideal for events hosting between 5,000 and 10,000 people.

Truck Chassis Options and Multi-Media Features: Similar to the SS70, the SS90 offers a variety of chassis options and includes an integrated sound system, advanced lighting system, mobile generator trailer, and a mobile hydraulic LED system.

Efficiency and High Safety Standards: The SS90 is designed to be set up quickly and transported easily, whether in the city, countryside, or village. It is certified for high safety and comes with a comprehensive warranty and technical support, reinforcing its status as a reputable and fast-growing brand in mobile hydraulic stages.

SR40 Mobile Stage:

Rapid Deployment and Advanced Technology: The SR40 mobile stage transforms outdoor event setups with its advanced hydraulic robotic technology, enabling rapid deployment in just 20 minutes via a wired remote control.

Professional-Grade Features: The SR40 is designed for optimal performance, featuring a professional-grade sound and lighting system, with dimensions of 5900 × 2065 × 2280 mm. Its robust steel frame construction, combined with FRP flat plates and a unique air rod reversible apron, creates an expansive and visually appealing LED screen setup when combined with the backward-tilting side screens

Comprehensive Training and Future Plans

The visit also included comprehensive training sessions to ensure our client is well-prepared for the setup and operation of the chosen mobile stages. Our team provided detailed demonstrations and hands-on training to address all technical aspects and ensure seamless integration into the client’s event plans.


We are excited about the prospects of this partnership and look forward to supporting our client’s future endeavors with our innovative and reliable mobile stage solutions. The successful visit underscores Sinoswan’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services tailored to the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

For a closer look at the capabilities of our mobile stages, watch the video of our SR40 in action:  



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