SR40, SS70, and ST150Pro Luxury Models Captivate Malawi Client at Sinoswan Factory Visit

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Introduction to Sinoswan

Sinoswan, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of mobile stages and outdoor event solutions, recently welcomed a distinguished visitor from Malawi to its factory. This visit underscored Sinoswan’s role as a global leader in providing advanced, efficient setups for a variety of event needs.

Spotlight on Innovative Mobile Stages

The visiting client from Malawi showed a keen interest in three of Sinoswan’s top models, each known for its unique features and capabilities:

SR40 Mobile Stage:This model transforms outdoor event setups with its advanced hydraulic robotic technology, enabling rapid deployment in just 20 minutes via a wired remote control. The SR40 is designed for optimal performance, featuring a professional-grade sound and lighting system, with dimensions of 5900 × 2065 × 2280 mm. The stage combines robust steel frame construction with FRP flat plates and a unique air rod reversible apron, creating an expansive and visually appealing LED screen setup when combined with the backward-tilting side screens.

SS70 Mobile Stage Truck:Renowned for its quick setup and advanced hydraulic mechanisms, the SS70 can be ready in just 30 minutes. This truck’s clever stage support system is ingeniously stored and easily deployed, making it a favorite for major global events, from world expositions to presidential elections. Dimensions are 9990 × 2550 × 3950 mm, highlighting its substantial presence and capability.

ST150Pro Luxury Mobile Stage:The epitome of luxury in mobile stage solutions, the ST150Pro features a hydraulic setup with a stage area scalable from 168m² to an impressive 425m². Suitable for large-scale events accommodating between 50,000 to 100,000 people, it boasts a lifting height of 9m and includes high-capacity Goal Post Trusses. This model also offers extensive multimedia options and can be customized with technical rooms and expanded staging areas.

Discussion of Purchase and Future Plans

The discussions during the visit focused on the specific needs and preferences of the Malawi client, exploring how each model could be tailored to enhance their upcoming events. The versatility and adaptability of Sinoswan’s offerings were key topics, alongside logistical considerations for international shipping and setup.

Client Testimonial and Satisfaction

Expressing high satisfaction with the visit, the Malawi client commended Sinoswan for its commitment to quality and customer service. He was particularly impressed by the innovative features and reliability of the models presented, noting the potential for these mobile stages to revolutionize event hosting in Malawi.


The successful visit by our Malawi client reinforces Sinoswan’s dedication to innovation and excellence in mobile event technology. We are enthusiastic about the potential collaboration and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of our international clientele. Sinoswan remains devoted to enhancing the global event experience, one stage at a time.

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