ST130Pro and ST80 Draw American Client to Sinoswan for Purchase Consideration and Hands-On Training

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Introduction to Sinoswan

Sinoswan, a leading innovator in mobile event technology, recently had the pleasure of hosting an esteemed client from the United States at its manufacturing facility. This visit is a testament to Sinoswan’s growing influence and reputation in the global market for high-quality mobile event solutions.

Focus on Innovative Mobile Stages ST130Pro and ST80

The highlight of the visit was the American client’s interest in two of Sinoswan’s top-tier models, which are celebrated for their versatility and advanced technological features:

ST130Pro Mobile Stage:This model is a powerhouse for large-scale events, offering a stage area of 108m² with a lifting height of 6 meters. Its robust design is complemented by customizable options such as expandable technical rooms and a versatile stage platform. The ST130Pro is not only a stage but a complete mobile event solution with an integrated sound system, advanced lighting, and a hydraulic LED system to enhance any performance.

ST80 Mobile Stage Trailer:Perfect for mid-sized gatherings, the ST80 features a 25x20ft stage that expands to 33x20ft, making it ideal for audiences ranging from 3,000 to 5,000. Its ease of setup and operation, certified by top international standards, makes it a favorite among event organizers globally.

Training and Operational Engagement

During his visit, the American client actively participated in a comprehensive training session focused on the setup and operation of both the ST130Pro and SR40 models. The training included hands-on demonstrations of the hydraulic systems, sound and lighting configurations, and general maintenance and safety protocols. This immersive experience was designed to ensure the client could fully leverage the capabilities of these stages upon integration into their event lineup.

Client Insights and Future Prospects

Impressed by the functionality and efficiency of the Sinoswan models, the client expressed a strong interest in integrating these mobile stages into their event management portfolio. Discussions explored how these mobile solutions could meet the demands of a diverse range of events in the U.S., from corporate functions and music festivals to large public gatherings.

Client Testimonial and Conclusion

The client commended Sinoswan for its commitment to quality and innovation, noting the company’s ability to exceed expectations in both product performance and customer service. Enthusiastic about the potential for future collaborations, both parties anticipate a fruitful partnership that will bring Sinoswan’s advanced mobile stages to a wider audience across North America.

This visit has not only solidified a promising new business relationship but also reinforced Sinoswan’s position as a leader in mobile event solutions worldwide. The company continues to expand its reach, delivering unparalleled experiences that transform ordinary events into spectacular occasions.

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