Russian Client Visits SINOSWAN Factory for ST130PRO Inspection and Roof Bearing Test

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SINOSWAN Tech Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of mobile stages and trailers, recently welcomed a Russian client to the factory for an inspection of the ST130PRO model. During the visit, SINOSWAN factory team conducted a rigorous roof bearing test to assess the model’s capabilities.

1- Model ST130pro Features: 

The ST130PRO, known for its versatility and functionality, underwent a comprehensive examination to demonstrate its robustness in supporting heavy loads. The test involved placing seven light poles on the roof of the mobile stage, with each pole carrying a load of 800 kilograms. In total, the ST130PRO successfully sustained a weight of 5.6 tons.

The ST130PRO, measuring 40x30x26ft, is impressive mobile stage trailer equipped with wireless remote control and extended hydraulic legs. This model offers enhanced functionality and versatility, meeting the diverse needs of performance companies and event organizers.

Remote control system

Hydraulic system with robotic capabilities

Three safety systems

Remote controller with a range of 100 meters

Quick setup within 10 minutes

Capable of supporting a hanging sound system and light system

Optional LED screen and generator

2- The roof bearing test and test’s Result: 

The roof bearing test showcased the remarkable strength and stability of the ST130PRO, ensuring its suitability for hosting large-scale events and performances. The model’s design and engineering excellence were evident as it effortlessly supported the substantial weight, reaffirming its reliability and durability.

Furthermore, SINOSWAN demonstrated the secure hanging capabilities of the ST130PRO by suspending speakers on both sides of the stage. These features exemplify the model’s ability to accommodate production equipment and ensure optimal sound distribution for an immersive audience experience.

3- Client Satisfaction:

The Russian client was delighted by the ST130PRO’s performance during the inspection. They expressed their utmost satisfaction with the mobile stage trailer’s bearing ability, highlighting its capacity to handle heavy loads with ease. The client commended SINOSWAN for their commitment to delivering high-quality products that exceed customer expectations.

The successful inspection and the ST130PRO’s impressive bearing capacity further solidified the Russian client’s confidence in SINOSWAN’s products. They appreciated the company’s dedication to engineering excellence and acknowledged the meticulous attention to detail evident in the design and construction of the mobile stage trailer.

4- Plans and Cooperation:

The successful visit of the Russian client to SINOSWAN’s factory and their satisfaction with the ST130PRO inspection mark the beginning of a promising future partnership between the two entities. The client’s positive feedback not only validates the exceptional quality and performance of SINOSWAN’s mobile stage trailers but also lays the foundation for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Recognizing the client’s enthusiasm and genuine interest in SINOSWAN’s products, both parties are eager to forge a strong collaborative relationship. The Russian client’s endorsement of the ST130PRO’s bearing ability, coupled with their recognition of the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, solidifies their trust in SINOSWAN as a reliable partner in the entertainment and events industry.

Moving forward, SINOSWAN is dedicated to providing continued support and personalized solutions to meet the Russian client’s specific requirements. The company aims to further enhance their product offerings and expand their presence in the Russian market, leveraging the client’s valuable insights and feedback to tailor their mobile stage trailers to local preferences and needs.

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