Canadian Performance Company Client Visits SINOSWAN Factory and Shows Interest in ST90 and ST130PRO Mobile Stage Models

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SINOSWAN Tech Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of mobile stages and trailers, recently had the privilege of hosting a visit from a Canadian performance company. The visiting client expressed a keen interest in SINOSWAN’s ST90 and ST130PRO models, highlighting their exceptional features and suitability for their upcoming events.

1- Model ST90Features:

The ST90, with overall dimensions of 9000 × 2480 × 3950mm, offers a remarkable fast setup time of just 30 minutes, requiring only a crew of two people. Utilizing advanced wireless remote control technology, event organizers can conveniently set up the stage, ensuring a seamless operating experience. The ST90’s flexibility allows it to be easily towed by an SUV or pickup truck, making it adaptable to various venues and environments. With excellent wind resistance, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, reaching speeds of up to 129 km/h without a windshield and 100 km/h with a windshield. Furthermore, the ST90 boasts a steel-bone advertising frame, providing branding opportunities for events. Overall, the ST90 guarantees a reliable solution for successful outdoor events with its superior design and convenience.

2- Model ST130pro Features:

The ST130PRO, known for its versatility and functionality, underwent a comprehensive examination to demonstrate its robustness in supporting heavy loads. The test involved placing seven light poles on the roof of the mobile stage, with each pole carrying a load of 800 kilograms. In total, the ST130PRO successfully sustained a weight of 5.6 tons.

The ST130PRO, measuring 40x30x26ft, is impressive mobile stage trailer equipped with wireless remote control and extended hydraulic legs. This model offers enhanced functionality and versatility, meeting the diverse needs of performance companies and event organizers.

Remote control system

Hydraulic system with robotic capabilities

Three safety systems

Remote controller with a range of 100 meters

Quick setup within 10 minutes

Capable of supporting a hanging sound system and light system

Optional LED screen and generator

3- Expressing great satisfaction:

The Canadian client commended SINOSWAN for its quality production and outstanding service. The company takes immense pride in delivering innovative solutions and remains dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

4- Looking towards the future:

Recognizing the opportunity for expanding their market presence in Canada, SINOSWAN is thrilled to establish a cooperative relationship with the Canadian performance company. Together, they aim to introduce SINOSWAN’s innovative products to the Canadian market and showcase their exceptional quality to other potential clients. This collaboration not only strengthens the bilateral ties between the two companies but also contributes to the growth and development of the entertainment industry in Canada.

5- Conclusion:

SINOSWAN remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceeding customer expectations. With the Canadian client’s support and cooperation, the company is poised to achieve new milestones and expand its reach in the Canadian market.

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