Côte d’Ivoire Client Successfully Acquires Sinoswan’s ST130 Mobile Stage Trailer: Seamless Online Inspection and Setup Training Ensures Client’s Success

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Sinoswan, a leading manufacturer of mobile theatres and trailers, is known for its top-notch solutions in the events and activities industry. Offering a wide range of products such as mobile theatres, mobile theatre trailers, advanced hydraulic mobile theatre trucks, LED mobile street shows, and LED mobile trucks for outdoor events and election campaigns, Sinoswan has established itself as a trusted name in the field. One of their standout offerings is the ST130 hydraulic mobile stage trailer, a versatile and high-performance model. Recently, a valued client from Côte d’Ivoire made an exciting purchase by acquiring the ST130 mobile stage trailer, complete with stage lighting and a mobile LED hydraulic display screen. The client expressed their intention to utilize this remarkable setup for an upcoming church crusade, highlighting the trailer’s potential to create an immersive and captivating experience for the attendees. To ensure the client’s seamless integration and success, Sinoswan organized an extensive online meeting, focusing on product inspection and setup training. This client-centered approach exemplifies Sinoswan’s dedication to providing exceptional service and support throughout the entire customer journey. Also Read Link Alternatif QQVio

ST130 Model Features:

The ST130 hydraulic mobile slot online stage trailer stands out as an exceptional offering from Sinoswan. With overall dimensions of 13000 × 2480 × 4100mm, this model boasts a robust and versatile design. Equipped with stage kits consisting of aluminum trusses measuring 300x300mm, backdrops, skirts, and guardrails, the ST130 ensures a professional and captivating stage setup. Its LED hydraulic structure adds a touch of visual brilliance to any event.

Client Training and Inspection Process:

Recently, Sinoswan had the pleasure of working with a valued client from Côte d’Ivoire, who purchased the ST130 mobile stage trailer. To ensure the client’s success and satisfaction, Sinoswan organized a comprehensive inspection and setup training session conducted via Zoom. This virtual meeting allowed for a seamless transfer of knowledge and expertise, enabling the client to understand and utilize the features of the ST130 efficiently.

Client Satisfaction Soars:

The client from Côte d’Ivoire expressed utmost satisfaction with the inspection and training process facilitated by Sinoswan. The detailed guidance provided by the Sinoswan team ensured that the client felt confident and well-prepared to utilize the ST130 to its full potential. The high level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by Sinoswan during the training session further solidified the client’s trust and satisfaction.

Client’s Delight: ST130 Plus Impresses with Sound, Light, and LED Display during Inspections

The client’s satisfaction reached new heights during inspections of the ST130 Plus hydraulic mobile stage trailer. The exceptional sound system delivered an immersive audio experience, while the advanced light system created a visually stunning spectacle. The vibrant colors and clarity of the LED display left the client in awe. The ST130 Plus continues to exceed expectations, ensuring unforgettable events with its remarkable sound, light, and LED capabilities.

Plans and Cooperation:

With the successful delivery of the ST130 mobile stage trailer and the client’s satisfaction, Sinoswan and the client from Côte d’Ivoire are excited to embark on future plans and collaborations. The ST130’s versatility opens up numerous possibilities for hosting captivating events and engaging performances in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond. Sinoswan looks forward to supporting the client’s endeavors and exploring new avenues together.


Sinoswan’s ST130 mobile stage trailer continues to impress clients worldwide, and the recent collaboration with the client from Côte d’Ivoire showcases the exceptional quality and service provided by Sinoswan. With their commitment to client satisfaction and innovative event solutions, Sinoswan remains at the forefront of the industry, driving memorable experiences and successful events.

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