Ghanaian Client Visits Our Factory, Shows Interest in SR70N Roadshow Truck

2024-03-25 11:14:40    view:58

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We are delighted to announce the recent visit of a distinguished client from Ghana to our factory. The client expressed keen interest in our state-of-the-art SR70N Roadshow truck model. Alongside exploring the manufacturing process and quality, they also received comprehensive training on the setup process.

1-SR70N Roadshow Truck Features:

The SR70N model has gained recognition for its application in political elections and presidential campaigns.

Overall dimensions: 9840mm × 2460mm × 2750mm

Designed specifically for roadshow events

Spacious interior for promotional activities

High-quality construction and manufacturing standards

Versatile platform for effective brand promotion

Enhanced visibility with customizable branding options

Equipped with advanced audiovisual systems

Comfortable and ergonomic design for staff and performers

Efficient power management system

Optional customization based on client requirements

2-Client Training Process:

As part of their visit, the Ghanaian client underwent rigorous training sessions, gaining in-depth knowledge about the setup process and operational functionalities of the SR70N Roadshow truck. The training emphasized maximizing the truck’s potential for impactful marketing campaigns, ensuring the client’s events leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

3-Client Satisfaction:

Impressed by the manufacturing process and quality standards observed during the factory visit, the Ghanaian client expressed their satisfaction with the SR70N Roadshow truck. They commended the attention to detail, robust construction, and cutting-edge features of the vehicle, recognizing its potential to elevate their promotional activities and create a strong brand presence in their market.

4-Plans and Cooperation:

Building upon the fruitful factory visit, we are excited to explore potential collaborations and partnerships with our Ghanaian client. By leveraging the capabilities of the SR70N Roadshow truck, we aim to assist them in achieving their marketing and branding objectives. Together, we will develop tailored strategies to effectively engage their target audience and create memorable experiences.


The visit by our Ghanaian client to our factory showcased our commitment to delivering top-quality roadshow trucks. Their interest in the SR70N model and satisfaction with our manufacturing processes serve as strong testaments to our expertise and dedication. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will further enhance their brand visibility and success.

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