Ugandan Client Visits Our Factory, Expresses Interest in SS70 and SS90 Stage Trucks

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Our factory recently had the privilege of hosting a delegation from Uganda, consisting of esteemed clients interested in our cutting-edge stage truck models. The clients not only explored the manufacturing process and quality but also received comprehensive training on the setup process.

1-Model SS70 Features:  

Overall dimensions: 9990mm × 2550mm × 3950mm

Up-to-date design and manufacturing capability

Robotic hydraulic system

Three safety systems

Remote controller with a range of 100 meters

Easy setup within 10 minutes

Supporting a hanging sound system and light system of up to 2000kgs

Equipped with an LED screen

Optional generator

2-Model SS90Features:

Extended stage size: 14780mm x 8500mm

Remote control system

Hydraulic system with robotic capabilities

Three safety systems

Stage size of 125m2(hydraulic stage: 81.6m2, manual stage: 43.4m2)

Remote controller with a range of 100 meters

Quick setup within 10 minutes

Capable of supporting a hanging sound system and light system of up to 2000kgs

Optional LED screen and generator

3-Client Training Process:

During their visit, the Ugandan clients underwent comprehensive training sessions, where they gained in-depth knowledge about the setup process and operational functionalities of both the SS70 and SS90 stage trucks. The training emphasized the safety protocols and efficient utilization of the trucks’ features, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for their future events and performances.


4-Client Satisfaction:

The quality production and exceptional service offered by our factory left the Ugandan clients highly impressed and satisfied. They expressed their contentment with the precision manufacturing techniques, advanced features, and reliability of our stage trucks. Their positive feedback further strengthens our commitment to delivering excellence in both products and customer support.

5-Plans and Cooperation:

Building upon this successful visit, we are excited to explore potential collaborations and partnerships with our Ugandan clients. Together, we aim to enhance their entertainment and event capabilities, leveraging our innovative stage trucks to elevate their performances and create memorable experiences for their audiences.



The visit of the Ugandan client to our factory marked a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering top-quality stage trucks. Their interest in the SS70 and SS90 models, coupled with their satisfaction and trust, motivates us to continue pushing boundaries in design, manufacturing, and service excellence.

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