Paraguay’s Outdoor Marathon Extravaganza SINOSWAN SR40 Mobile LED Roadshow Truck

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Experience the Spectacular: The SR40 Mobile LED Roadshow Truck

Prepare to be amazed by the stunning display of SINOSWAN’s SR40 Mobile LED Roadshow Truck, which took center stage at an outdoor marathon event in Paraguay. This impressive project showcased the versatility and innovation of the SR40, delivering an unforgettable experience for participants and onlookers.

The SR40: A Remarkable Truck for Outdoor Marathons

Enter the world of the SR40, a remarkable truck designed to elevate outdoor events to new heights. This outstanding roadshow truck, equipped with a display screen, dynamo, lighting, and sound, captivated the audience with its impressive features and flawless performance.

Introducing the SR40’s Splendid Features

The SR40, perched on a strong Foton Aumark chassis, boasts a sleek design that grabs attention. With dimensions of 5,875mm in length, 2,030mm in width, and 2,230mm in height, it combines style and functionality seamlessly. With its right-hand driving and single-row seats cabin, along with a 4×2 driving type, optimal control and navigation were ensured throughout the marathon event.

A Visual Extravaganza: The P5 Outdoor Screen

One of the standout features of the SR40 is its stunning 3,328mm x 1,920mm P6 outdoor full-color waterproof screen. With a pixel pitch of 6mm and a brightness exceeding 4,500cd/m², this immersive display turned the marathon into a visual spectacle. Regardless of the weather, participants and spectators enjoyed a captivating experience as every detail came to life on the screen.

Embracing Innovation: Easy Setup and Versatile Performance

The SR40’s stage system showcased true innovation. The hydraulic lifting system made setup effortless, while the automatic stage unfolded to provide a versatile space for performances, presentations, and speeches. Whether hosting award ceremonies, live entertainment acts, or motivational speeches, the SR40 adapted flawlessly to meet the marathon’s diverse needs.

A Complete Event Solution Tailored to Perfection

The SR40 went beyond being just a stage; it offered a complete event solution for the marathon. Additional features such as a wine cabinet, cash cabinet, and advertising background cloth added an elegant touch. The built-in generator ensured uninterrupted power supply, guaranteeing smooth operations throughout the event. With SINOSWAN’s customization options, the SR40 was precisely tailored to meet the requirements of Paraguay’s outdoor marathon, delivering an exceptional experience for all participants.

Comprehensive Warranty and Exceptional Support

Investing in the SR40 meant investing in the marathon’s success. The roadshow truck came with a comprehensive warranty, including lifetime technical support, a five-year warranty on stage structures and the hydraulic system, and a two-year free warranty on sound systems, light systems, LED walls, and generators. Beyond warranties, SINOSWAN provided extensive support services, including free factory training, video instruction training, and professional video shooting services. Technicians were also available for on-site assistance, ensuring a smooth-running marathon event.

SINOSWAN TRUCK Partnership: Global Maintenance Assurance

SINOSWAN’s partnership with SINO TRUCK guaranteed maintenance centers worldwide, providing immediate support wherever necessary. This collaboration ensured the SR40 Mobile LED Roadshow Truck’s durability and optimal performance, giving event organizers peace of mind.

Experience the Future of Mobile Events with SINOSWAN

Be part of the future of mobile events with SINOSWAN. Witness the magic of the SR40 and explore the endless possibilities it offers.

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