Georgia Batumi Music Festival Unleashing the Stage Magic: SINOSWAN ST130Pro

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As outdoor events gain increasing popularity, SINOSWAN has established itself as a prominent brand in the realm of mobile staging, offering secure and efficient hydraulic robotic stage and roadshow vehicle solutions worldwide. Last year, our esteemed customers in Georgia opted for SINOSWAN’s ST130Pro to deliver an awe-inspiring stage experience at the Batumi Music Festival. With a steadfast commitment to quality assurance and cutting-edge technology, SINOSWAN has garnered international acclaim, with the ST130Pro emerging as a flagship product highly praised by customers for its remarkable performance and innovative design.

Case Description:

Tailor-made for the Batumi Music Festival, the ST130Pro was the preferred choice of Georgian customers, who placed their trust in SINOSWAN’s exceptional quality and acknowledged product performance. Going beyond its efficient hydraulic robotic stage features, the ST130Pro is equipped with a professional sound system and lighting solutions, providing comprehensive performance support for the festival. Its easy installation process ensures a convenient user experience, and the wired remote control allows for swift setup, offering a high degree of flexibility and efficiency for various event requirements.

The ST130Pro showcases an array of impressive features that set it apart:

1. Advanced Remote Control System: Effortlessly operate the unfolding and folding of the stage with the advanced remote control system. With just a few button pushes, witness the stage smoothly unfold within minutes, ready to provide an exceptional performance space for your event project.

2. Impressive Screen Size: The ST130Pro boasts a generous screen size of 6400mm×3200mm (21’×10’6”), enabling captivating visuals for the audience.

3. Expansive Stage Floor: With a floor measuring 12000mm×8700mm (39’4”×28’7”), the ST130Pro offers a spacious performance area, accommodating various artistic endeavors.

4. Elevated Stage Height: The stage floor is positioned 6000mm (19’8”) above the ceiling, providing a commanding presence and enhanced visibility for performers.

5. Robust Rigging Capacity: Equipped with a rigging capacity of 2500kg (5512 lb), the ST130Pro ensures secure hanging of equipment and stage decorations.

6. Convenient Vehicle Dimensions: The ST130Pro’s compact vehicle dimensions of 13000×2500×4100mm (42’8”×8’2”×13’5”) make it easy to transport and maneuver.

7. Reliable Tyres: The ST130Pro is equipped with 10.00 R20 tyres, ensuring stability and durability during transportation.

SINOSWAN’s international collaborations form a vital part of its strategic approach. While achieving remarkable success in the domestic market, SINOSWAN has successfully exported its products to numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Uganda, Cambodia, the Philippines, and many more. This global reach signifies the trust and recognition that our brand has earned, making SINOSWAN a reliable choice for customers worldwide.

By selecting the ST130Pro, our Georgian clients not only showcased their confidence in SINOSWAN’s quality but also experienced the outstanding capabilities of our product firsthand. With its exceptional performance, innovative design, and user-friendly features, the ST130Pro offers an enticing proposition for event organizers seeking to elevate their productions. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and unlock the stage magic with SINOSWAN’s ST130Pro – the ultimate solution for unforgettable events.

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