Paraguay SR40 Sports Events:How the SINOSWAN SR40 Mobile LED stage Roadshow Truck Transformed a Major Sports Event in Paraguay into a Visual Spectacle

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Introduction: We are delighted to share the remarkable success of one of our SINOSWAN SR40   Mobile led  stage roadshow trucks at a major sports event in Paraguay. This event highlighted the extraordinary capabilities of the SR40, marking it as a pivotal element in the event’s triumph.

About the SR40: SINOSWAN has consistently produced top-tier products, and the SR40 Mobile LED Stage Roadshow Truck is a prime example. Released in 2024, this model boasts a 3200×1920mm LED screen that can be elevated by a hydraulic system. The stage size is an impressive 6790×3000mm, and the entire setup is controlled with a single remote. Designed for versatility and performance, the SR40 features large liftable LED video screens and a hydraulic automatic foldable stage, making it perfect for live performances.

Equipped with an integrated audio system and an onboard silent generator, the SR40 supports continuous video display even while driving. When parked, it transforms into a dynamic stage ideal for performances and entertainment. This truck is the ultimate solution for brand activations, experiential marketing, product launches, mobile exhibitions, advertising, elections, political rallies, and church crusades.

The Ideal Solution for Roadshow Activities: The SR40 is engineered for events that demand both mobility and high-impact visual engagement. Its ability to transform from a moving display into a full-fledged stage makes it ideal for large gatherings and outdoor events. The hydraulic lift system allows for quick and efficient setup, while the robust LED screen ensures that visuals are vibrant and visible from a distance. This versatility and reliability make it perfect for sporting events, where quick transitions and engaging displays are essential.

A Visual Extravaganza: The P6 Outdoor Screen: One of the standout features of the SR40 is its stunning 3,328mm x 1,920mm P6 outdoor full-color waterproof screen. With a pixel pitch of 6mm and a brightness exceeding 4,500cd/m², this immersive display turned the marathon into a visual spectacle. Regardless of the weather, participants and spectators enjoyed a captivating experience as every detail came to life on the screen. The high brightness and clarity of the screen ensured that even in direct sunlight, the visuals were sharp and engaging, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event.

Conclusion: The deployment of the SINOSWAN SR40   Mobile led  stage roadshow truck at the sports event in Paraguay was a resounding success. Its advanced features, such as the hydraulic lift system, large LED screen, and integrated audio system, demonstrated the unmatched versatility and performance of the SR40. This case exemplifies how SINOSWAN’s innovative solutions can transform any event into an unforgettable spectacle, making it the preferred choice for high-profile events worldwide.

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