ST130 Semi-Trailer Captures Interest of Japanese Client in Second Sinoswan Factory Visit

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Introduction to Sinoswan

Sinoswan continues to lead the field in mobile event solutions, crafting an array of sophisticated products ranging from mobile theaters to advanced hydraulic mobile theater trucks and LED mobile street shows tailored for outdoor events, election campaigns, and more. Known for its commitment to innovation and quality, Sinoswan seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art audio systems, stage lighting, LED displays, and generators into each product to deliver unparalleled event experiences.

Highlighting the ST130 Model

his visit marked a significant interest from our respected Japanese client, specifically in the ST130 model’s container part of our renowned 13m Hydraulic Stage Trailer. The ST130 is not just any trailer; it’s a testament to our engineering prowess and attention to detail, measuring 13000mm in length, 2480mm in width, and 4100mm in height. This model stands out with its extensive stage space, which can be manually extended to 160m², making it ideal for large-scale events and performances.

The ST130’s versatility is further highlighted by its customizable features, such as the choice between a P5 or P3 LED screen backdrop and additional LED walls on both sides. For events requiring independent power sources, a generator trailer can also be incorporated. Its robust aluminum trusses and support columns ensure stability and safety, while the optional sound and light systems allow for a completely customized audio-visual experience. Equipped with user-friendly control systems, including wireless remote and manual standby options, the ST130 ensures operational ease and flexibility.

Discussion of Purchase and Future Plans

The focus of our discussions was on the client’s intention to purchase the container part of the ST130 semi-trailer. We reviewed various customization options to tailor the trailer to his event needs and discussed delivery logistics and ongoing support to ensure seamless service integration.

Client Satisfaction and Testimonial

The client commended Sinoswan for our high-quality products and excellent customer service. He was particularly impressed with the innovative solutions provided by Sinoswan and the extensive capabilities of the ST130 container, affirming his satisfaction with our ability to meet and exceed client expectations.


This visit underscores Sinoswan’s commitment to delivering premier mobile event solutions and maintaining strong client relationships worldwide. We are excited about the prospect of our continued collaboration with our Japanese client and look forward to seeing how our tailored solutions enhance his events. Sinoswan remains dedicated to innovation and excellence in the mobile event industry, ensuring successful and memorable events for all clients.

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