Kenya church use SINOSWAN Gospel Truck ST130PLUS for church crusade and evangelism

2023-01-07 16:03:21    view:788

This is ST130PLUS mobile stage truck that with three LED walls, sound system,light system and generator can be also used mobile church crusade stage truck.The truck has The truck has a fast extend mobile hydraulic stage which flaps up and down at a touch of a button with clear sunlight screens on the sides. The sound system is powerful enough, with clear effect, to reach over 10,000 people in an open ground,offering ease for Church and worship,especially suitable for the church crusade and church outreach .

The Kenyan client bought the mobile stage truck mainly for evangelism.No worries if the evangelism teams go to remote areas without electricity because the truck has a powerful generator that can comfortably run the entire set up. It will help in the propagation of the gospel to many people who are living in bondage. 

There are many churches in worldwide areas, but every church has a limited outreach. Gospel truck provides the best chance for your preaching to save a significant number of sons of God. Many of them will hear the Gospel for the very first time. And SINOSWAN is committed to evangelism with professional solutions.  

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