A thank-you letter from Nigerian 2023 presidential campaign to SINOSWAN stage car.

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In December 2022, our department cooperated with your company and achieved good results, laying a foundation for the next win-win situation. I am writing today to express your support for my presidential campaign in Sector. “

Our purchase in Sector was supported by your CEO Andy, who worked tirelessly to finalize our cooperation plan and sign the purchase agreement within one week. During my field visit to your factory, the relevant staff accompanied me throughout the whole process, and patiently introduced the relevant technical parameters to me in detail, providing us with suggestions and amendments to the activity plan. After the products were actually put into use, SR70, SR70N, ST150Pro Luxury and SV40 performed brilliantly, and the related activities achieved the expected results.

During the Chinese New Year, on behalf of Sector, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and New Year greetings to your company, and look forward to the next cooperation with your company.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Ganiat Yakubu

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