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SINOSWAN customer an EVENT RENTALE company in Kenya, East Africa purchased the first generation of our product ST130PLUS in 2010. Currently this product has been upgraded and refined to the fourth generation, with some improvements. The Mobile Stage Trailer served the 2015 Tanzania presidential election and the 2017 and 2022 Kenya presidential election, the toughest campaign trails in the region.  During these campaigns our Election Stage trailer played a key role: quick deployment, multiple events in a day, vast crowds. Campaign election activities Trailer provides the perfect stage for campaigning quickly and securely, ensuring the safety and success of every campaigner.

In 2010, our SINOSWAN launched the first generation product ST130PLUS. This Mobile Stage Trailer has been in service for 13 years. The first generation of ST130PLUS shuttles through the streets and alleys of various African countries and can carry out activities anywhere, and its hydraulic system has proven to be reliable, with zero downtime. Today, we have developed to the fourth generation of products, which further maximizes the space utilization of the stage and designs the generator on the stage to provide you with an unparalleled stage experience.

SINOSWAN has always been committed to the continuous improvement of products. Every year we send technicians on a global tour to understand the needs of local customers to ensure that our products are always leading in performance. SINOSWAN’s hydraulic system is a perfect embodiment of China’s stage technology and has never had any failure in over 13 years of continuous usage. Our advanced hydraulic technology ensures rapid deployment of the Campaigns activities Trailer, making setup and set down very easy. Our stage trailers are available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of different projects and events: basic ST130, upgraded ST130PRO, customized ST130PLUS and luxury ST130PROLUXURY, to meet the needs of different projects and events. needs such as crusades, evangelism, concerts, festivals, campaigns and elections, mobile activations and events.

In the past 13 years, ST130PLUS has also participated in many outdoor activities. The Multifunctional President election Stage trailer can arrive at any site on the campaign trail and be quickly deployed for various types of activities. If you are also eager to have a mobile stage trailer for your own project, please contact us and let SINOSWAN accompany your national project and bring high-quality stage trailers to anywhere in the world. Thank you for your trust and support.

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