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The last thing you want to worry about while organizing a performance or concert is staging problems. These days, the most popular choices are a movable stage trailer that sets up mechanically and a stage composed of little decks that can be carried by a person. When compared to a typical riser stage, mobile platform stages have several benefits that can help guarantee the success of your event.

Mobile Platforms Stage Means Safety

Everyone’s top priority is a safe event for both artists and attendees. Using a moveable stage assures you that the stage production is safe. The Sinoswan platform stage is designed to withstand winds and will hold up even in the case of a hurricane. This amount of wind resistance may be attained without the use of ballast or ground anchors. Furthermore, the roof is designed to securely hold large loads of audio and lighting equipment for production.

Time of Setup

At some venues, like festivals, there isn’t much time for setup before the event starts, and once the people have left, the space needs to be removed quickly. The setup and breakdown of roof systems and platform stages might take hours or even days. In less time, the Platform stages may arrive to a location and set up. This implies that you pay as little as possible for stagehand work. Furthermore, a Platform stage is the sole option if the location or venue has time constraints. Read Also: Daftar Vioslot


Every stage on the Platform is made to make it simple to hang huge, printed banners. An event’s impact and recall are substantially increased by promotional banners. They also provide you with a simple way to market event sponsorships. In contrast to a conventional stage layout, hanging banners don’t require any extra structures. Furthermore, banner use is included in the Platform stage wind rating!

Miniscule Footprint

A lot of stage roofs require clearance for outrigger legs or ground anchoring. There is no need for manlines or outriggers on any side of a Sinoswan Platform stage. As a result, there are no obstacles in the way of the audience’s line of sight. Since the side spaces are unobstructed by ballast, you may cram them with vendors or tour buses. Is it necessary to set up on a city street with two lanes without obstructing the sidewalk? There is no issue for a Platform stage with this.

One-stop Shop

A safe raised platform, a roof, and optional windwalls that can withstand rain are included with a Platform stage rental. With no effort, your AV production firm can hang lighting and audio equipment from the movable stage, saving money on these purchases. Costs are decreased since there is no need for separate lighting, roof, and stage supports. In order to save money on renting a boom lift, the technical components are fitted prior to the stage rising. All things considered, the first thing you should consider while planning an outside performance is the Platform stage.

One of the top manufacturers of platform stages on the market, Sinoswan combines cutting edge technology, an unending array of customization choices, and an unwavering dedication to quality. Companies looking for effective solutions may rely on Sinoswan to provide a Platform stage that goes above and beyond their needs.

You can depend on Sinoswan’s Platform stages to be your business’s most powerful marketing weapon. We provide an unparalleled degree of experience, and our clients consider us to be the most dependable and trustworthy business. We provide a broad range of truck services, including gospel trucks, exhibition trucks, event trailers, and much more, in addition to Platform stages. For additional information, simply contact us or visit our website. All of these cars are completely customisable and perfect for any kind of event you need.

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