Mobile Stages vs Conventional Stages

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It is vital to weigh the two main types of the stage—the conventional stage and the transportable stage—to choose which is best for your unique and memorable event. Although both have different functions, let us explain why mobile stage rental is safer.

The conventional stage was the industry standard before the movable stage was invented. This changed when the mobile stage was created, which has been taking centre stage ever since. The portable stage’s exceptional flexibility and safety are the primary reasons it is preferable to the traditional stage.

To illustrate the contrasts in building methods, let’s note that conventional stages are often erected piece by piece and that the stage’s roof must be “guy wired” or fastened to ballasts using steel cables. Since the stage platforms and the ceiling system are fundamentally distinct, it may be problematic if the two become unconnected.

All sections and components of a movable stage rented or purchased are safely fastened to the trailer’s primary chassis. As a result, the movable stage has exceptional strength and toughness to survive time and the weather securely.

Without needing guy wires, the movable stage can support the frequently considerable weight of lighting, audio, video, and other equipment. For smaller venues, the guy wires and ballasts of a traditional stage increase the footprint space in which a stage dwells.

A mobile stage rental may be put up quickly and safely in regions with limited space, such as city centers, streets, and small towns, offering the best entertainment possible while maintaining safety.

Remember that any of these movable stage sizes may be expanded with traditional platform stages to offer more space for sound wings, monitor mix locations, loading docks, guitar worlds, and other necessities for frequent events. These sizes are the most often used and are simple to set up, making them perfect for traveling performances and events.

We do have our BIG BOSS conventional stage accessible because we are aware that some occasions may inescapably require a larger stage. Since this is not a portable stage, it takes more time and labor to put it together. This is your typical stage rental if you’re hosting a sizable event.

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