Pro Video of ST150Pro Max before ship to Ghana

2022-09-27 16:46:07    view:326

SINOSWAN ST150Pro Max mobile stage shoots the complete scene building and rehearsal process for customers before delivery.

It’s easy, quick and simple for customers to truly see and feel the complete building process of ST150MAX, so that customers can trust our products more and have no worries.

The length of ST150MAX stage is 15.3 meters, the depth of the stage is 12 meters, and the lifting height is 6 meters. Together with the height of the stage from the ground of 1.6 meters, the total height is close to 8 meters. With LED screen, light and sound. It is suitable for giant outdoor performances for 30,000 people, and is very suitable for churches, large outdoor activities, presidential campaigns and various political activities.

The whole stage is opened and closed by hydraulic remote control. There are three huge display screens on the stage, and the opening and closing of LED screens are also carried out by hydraulic system. A complete set of solutions reduces a lot of labor costs and time costs for customers, so that customers can quickly and easily complete the setting of stage scenes.

At the customer’s request, our technicians will be sent to Ghana for on-site guidance and later maintenance and maintenance training of ST150MAX mobile stage.

I believe that our SINOSWAN mobile stage can become the accelerator of their dreams and create more value for them.

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