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A few days ago, one of our customers traveled all the way from Nigeria to China to inspect SINOSWAN’s factory to ensure the reliability of the stage truck purchased for Nigeria’s presidential election. After inspecting the ST150Pro Luxury , the customer greatly appreciate the intelligent level, safety and high efficiency of our products.

Considering that these products will be put into the presidential election, SINOSWAN attaches great importance to this, pays special attention to every process and link of vehicle production, and repeatedly tests and debugs various performances of vehicles to ensure the safety and efficiency of vehicles. This batch of orders includes four different models of vehicles, namely: parade truck, roadshow truck, expansion display truck and main truck. All five models are equipped with LED giant screens, audio, public address equipment and generators.

The parade truck can be used as it stops. The truck is opened from the side and equipped with microphones, podium and handrails. People on board can speak during the driving process of the truck. In case of emergency, an emergency refuge room is set beside the generator room to avoid emergency. The outside of the roadshow truck is equipped with LED giant screen, which can be used for picture display while the truck is running. After the truck body is fully unfolded, it is equipped with hydraulic remote control sound system at the front desk of the stage. Different from other vehicles, the interior of the expansion display truck is equipped with an expansion box, which can increase the stage area after the expansion display truck is fully deployed. After the expansion display truck is fully deployed, a two-story rooftop appears above the stage, which is convenient for speech activities. The advantage of the main truck lies in its large stage area, which can provide a stage area of 14 m × 12 m after being fully unfolded, and the stage height of nearly 11meters. SINOSWAN has become the only stage truck manufacturer and exporter in China that can produce such a huge stage. SINOSWAN wishes them every success in their presidential campaign, as the products have been shipped from China and will soon be delivered to customers.

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