Revolutionizing Concert Staging with Sinoswan’s Mobile Stage Trucks

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The large hydraulic extend stage for backline and performance, as well as the hydraulic lifting roof, are features of Sinoswan’s mobile stage truck and concert staging. Professional lighting, power outlets, and a line array hanging truss are also features of the roof design. It comes in full capacity to accommodate various sized events and includes both a stage truck and a stage trailer.  Less labor is needed to quickly and efficiently set up the movable concert stage thanks to its intelligent hydraulic system. No need to operate at a high altitude or with a machine.

For quicker and safer staging of concerts, festivals, music tours, church outreach, crusades, live event production, etc., we provide mobile stage trucks and concert staging.

Our hydraulic system is cleverly engineered to be simple to use and manage for our concert staging. By using a hydraulic remote control, you may quickly and simply extend the main stage and raise the ceiling. Our stage truck and stage trailer have a sturdy hydraulic system that has been refined and put to the test over many years.  Sinoswan not only offers exceptional efficiency in event staging, but they also inspire enormous faith in producers and event agencies.

Simple Visual and Audio Arrangement for a Concert Performance

The roof of our concert staging and stage trailer is pre-configured with power outlets and a lighting truss. so that you can plug in your lights with ease. Truss is optional for all of our concert staging and transportable stage truck setups. There has a large rigging capacity as well. The huge screen on the truck and concert staging may be simply moved to any desired location with the optional wheeled movable base for the led screen background.

Our concert staging is designed for quick setup for live event production, church outreach, crusades, evangelism, festivals, concerts, music tours, and entertainment. When compared to traditional manual stage setup, you may turn your stage truck and trailer into a unique stage platform in the shortest amount of time by just driving them to the desired location.

Sinoswan uses the best materials, a scientifically designed structure, and a dependable hydraulic system that has been tried and tested over many years to produce movable stages. Putting safety first has been our first order of business in all we do. We safeguard your company by guaranteeing the security of your employees at all times, as well as the audiences’ and performers’ safety.

In addition to concert staging and mobile stage trucks, we also provide an all-in-one integrated solution that includes power systems and audio visual equipment.  Excellent lighting, a strong line array system, a stable and incredibly quiet generator, and an HD LED screen background are all options. Before being delivered, everything is assembled and tested on our stage truck and stage trailer in the factory. So when you receive our concert staging, you can set everything up and utilize it right away.

Over 25 Years of Commitment

more than 25 years of expertise designing and producing stage trucks and stage trailers. We continue to gain knowledge and refine every model. We appreciate all of our users who have left feedback with so many priceless and wise suggestions.

Round-the-clock Technical Assistance

24/7 online chat assistance and technical support for all clients worldwide. For all parts troubleshooting and repair, including hydraulics, LED displays, electrical, and other areas, you may respond to our skilled specialist.

Sinoswan’s Mobile Stage and Mobile Led Screen are presently providing services to clients from many nations for outdoor events, campaigns, advertising, elections, church missions, etc. thanks to continuous innovation and development. Our mission is to assist you in organizing your campaigns and events in a quicker, safer, and better manner.

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