Zambia Crusade ST150ProMax 15x12x8m crusade truck

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Step into the world of SINOSWAN, where we redefine outdoor events through cutting-edge mobile stages, trailers, and trucks featuring advanced hydraulic technology. Our commitment is to simplify, expedite, and enhance your events, offering customized solutions for church crusades, gospel trucks, evangelism, elections, campaigns, and more. Experience more than just a stage. Our mobile events and activities come fully equipped with sound systems, stage lights, LED screens, and generators.

Unveiling ST150PRO MAX: A Stage Truck Beyond Comparison

Presenting the ST150PRO MAX, a crusade stage truck designed to captivate audiences ranging from 30,000 to 50,000. This mobile marvel is a complete package, featuring a potent sound system, dynamic light displays, a mobile generator, and three immersive LED screens while this system is waterproof.

Ample Stage, Impactful Presentations

With a spacious stage measuring 40m x 12m while 8m height, the ST150PRO MAX provides room for impactful presentations. The main screen of 6,400mm x 4,160mm and two auxiliary screens of 1,920mm x 4,160mm each ensure your message reaches every corner of the audience. Rigging capacity of 2,500kg elevates your event to new heights. It is desirable for it’s for huge evangelism and gospel. While 300 people can be seated on stage at the same time.

Here are some snaps from one our client from Zambia Church:

Zambia Crusade ST150ProMax 15x12x8m crusade truck

Zambia Crusade ST150ProMax 15x12x8m crusade truck

Aesthetic Brilliance, Engineering Excellence

More than size, it’s about creating an unforgettable experience. The stage floor height of 6,000mm from the ceiling puts presenters in the spotlight. Vehicle dimensions of 15,300mm x 2,480mm x 4,200mm blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring a visual impact that lasts.

Ensuring Quality: ST150PRO MAX Warranty and Support

Quality is our promise. The ST150PRO MAX comes with a robust warranty policy, including a lifetime technical support warranty and access to free video guidance services. Enjoy a five-year warranty on stage structures and the hydraulic system, with an additional two-year free warranty on sound systems, light systems, LED walls, and generators. Beyond warranties, we offer complimentary factory training services, video instruction, and professional video shooting to maximize your mobile stage experience.

Tailoring Excellence: Your Event, Our Expertise

Whether your audience is 30,000 or 50,000 strong, we’re here to recommend the ideal model for your needs. Share your expected number of attendees and let SINOSWAN elevate your outdoor events to new heights.

Discover the SINOSWAN

Where innovation meets your vision. Visit for an immersive exploration of our offerings and witness the transformation of your events.

Zambia Crusade ST150ProMax 15x12x8m crusade truck

Zambia Crusade ST150ProMax 15x12x8m crusade truck

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