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The age of evangelisation has changed. Christ-centred media like movies, music, and ebooks are becoming increasingly popular among believers. To reach and save the unreached, emphasising preaching remains a non-competitive method. You will always appreciate the effectiveness of preaching with facts in front of us. Evangelism Truck has many advantages.

Additionally, in this new period of development, technology is advancing quickly. The technology of today can help us preach with greater emphasis. An effective way to assist pastors and churches in reaching underserved people is using Mobile Evangelism Stage Truck.

Message from the Church

There are many churches all across the world, yet their reach is all different. The best opportunity for your preaching to save many sons of God is through a gospel truck. They will hear the Gospel for the first time for many of them.

The benefits of evangelism trucks

Many issues with outdoor preaching can be resolved with a gospel stage truck. Every part of the nation and city can easily reach by car. Within 15 minutes, you can set up the stage. With an LED screen, speaker, generator, stage lighting, and instrument, you can host a significant outdoor gospel event and a smaller one. It will advance the quality of your preaching.

Lacking a large stage truck would make a gospel performance less effective. Would you like a mobile LED digital billboard truck to promote the gospel? The models of the Siwun gospel trucks can help your gospel event.

For their missions to the unreached, many churches and Christian organisations are deploying mobile gospel trucks. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that using a gospel stage truck can improve events. The stage truck’s LED screen and speakers can better disseminate the gospel and make Jesus’ words heard.

The stage lights can also be used to present a spectacular Christ brand show to spread the gospel of God. You can save more people by working with the Mobile Evangelism Stage Truck.


What is an evangelism truck?

Full-custom mobile rigs called evangelism truck is used by evangelists as both a stage and a means of transportation.

How is an evangelism truck beneficial?

The LED screen, speakers, hydraulic stage, generator, and mini digital LED billboard truck are all included. This digital gospel truck can share Jesus Christ’s voice and movies throughout the city.


If you are looking for Mobile Evangelism Stage Truck, you can contact Sinoswan.

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