Paraguay sport event use SINOSWAN SR40 mobile led stage truck

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Welcome to the forefront of mobile event solutions with SINOSWAN, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge mobile stages, mobile stage trailers, and mobile stage trucks featuring advanced hydraulic technology. At the heart of our offerings is the SR40 Mobile LED Stage Road Show Truck, a standout choice for dynamic events.

The SR40: A Mobile Marvel:

The SR40, a mobile marvel, showcases a sleek design perched (Settled) on a robust Foton Aumark chassis. Measuring 5,875mm in length, 2,030mm in width, and 2,230mm in height, it commands attention wherever it goes. The right-hand driving, single-row seats cabin and 4×2 driving type ensure optimal control and navigation. With a Cummins F3.8s3141 EGR mechanical pump engine generating 141 horsepower, the SR40 is a powerful presence on the move.

Immersive Displays with the P5 Outdoor Screen

Beyond the technicalities, envision the 3,328mm x 1,920mm P6 outdoor full-color waterproof screen—an immersive canvas with a pixel pitch of 6mm and a brightness exceeding 4,500cd/m². This digital LED screen, boasting a lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, transforms outdoor events into captivating experiences.

It can be Used  for a sports event, church crusade, election campaign, or any outdoor gathering.

This is SR40 Mobile LED Stage Road Show Truck, which was purchased and used by customers in Paraguay for sports events. The Highlight of event is:

Paraguay sport event use SINOSWAN SR40 mobile led stage truck

The SR40 isn’t just a vehicle; it’s an experience!

Paraguay sport event use SINOSWAN SR40 mobile led stage truck

Innovative Stage System for Seamless Setup

The SR40’s stage system is a testament to innovation. The hydraulic lifting system ensures effortless setup, while the automatic stage unfolds to reveal a versatile space for performances, presentations, or speeches. Controlled remotely or via wire, the collapsible stage adapts to your event’s needs, making the SR40 a versatile solution.

As It can be seen our SR40 is used in a Sports

Complete Event Solution with Customization Options

But the SR40 is more than just a stage. It’s a complete event solution with extras like a wine cabinet, cash cabinet, and advertising background cloth. The generator ensures an uninterrupted power supply, and with SINOSWAN’s customization options, you can tailor the SR40 to suit your specific event requirements.

Comprehensive Warranty Backing Your Investment

Investing in a mobile stage is investing in your events. That’s why the SR40 comes backed by a comprehensive warranty policy. Enjoy a lifetime technical support warranty, a five-year warranty on stage structures and the hydraulic system, and a two-year free warranty on sound systems, light systems, LED walls, and generators.

Beyond Warranties: Extensive Support Services

Our support extends beyond warranties. We offer complimentary factory training services, video instruction training services, and professional video shooting services to guide you through the installation and use of your mobile stage. Need on-site assistance? We provide technicians for training and guidance, with options for free training at our factory.

Global Maintenance Assurance with SINO TRUCK Partnership

For our international customers, rest easy knowing that our partnership with SINO TRUCK ensures a maintenance center wherever you are. Immediate maintenance assistance is just a call away, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your SR40 Mobile LED Stage Road Show Truck.

Experience the Future of Mobile Events with SINOSWAN

Experience the future of mobile events with SINOSWAN. Visit to explore the possibilities and turn your events into unforgettable experiences.

Paraguay sport event use SINOSWAN SR40 mobile led stage truck

Paraguay sport event use SINOSWAN SR40 mobile led stage truck

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