Australia Explores the ST130Pro Luxury: A Successful Factory Visit at Sinoswan

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Sinoswan is a leading manufacturer of mobile stages, renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to quality. Our range of products caters to diverse event needs, providing reliable, stylish, and efficient solutions for performances of all sizes. With a focus on safety and user satisfaction, Sinoswan has established itself as a reputable brand in the mobile stage industry, delivering exceptional products backed by comprehensive support.

Australian Client’s Factory Visit and Training

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming an Australian client to our factory for an in-depth visit and setup training. This visit focused on exploring the features of the ST130Pro Luxury model, one of our flagship products, and equipping the client with the necessary skills for its effective use.

Features of the ST130Pro Luxury Model

The Sinoswan ST130Pro Luxury is a semi-trailer-based mobile stage designed for large-scale events, accommodating audiences of 30,000 to 100,000 people. With a stage size of 12×12 meters and a total area of 144 square meters, this model features a lifting height of 9 meters and a total height of 11 meters. It includes two standard Goal Post Trusses, each capable of bearing 1500 kilograms, with additional wings to cover the entire stage. Both sides of the stage can be equipped with optional technical rooms and extended platforms, enhancing its versatility. The ST130Pro is equipped with an integrated sound system suitable for large audiences, an advanced lighting system, and a soundproof generator room featuring a UK AGG 120kw Cummins/Perkins engine. Additionally, it offers a mobile hydraulic LED system with optional LED walls on both sides, ensuring an immersive multimedia experience. The design emphasizes durability, style, and affordability, with quick setup capabilities (40-90 minutes with just two stage hands) and easy transport, making it suitable for both city and countryside locations. Certified by USA Dot, Structure Engineer Stamp, and Europe CE ICR Steel Structure, it guarantees high safety standards. Furthermore, it includes a five-year free warranty on the hydraulic system and main structure, along with lifetime technical support.

Future Plans

Our Australian client plans to incorporate the ST130Pro Luxury model into their upcoming large-scale events across the country. They intend to leverage its advanced features and robust design to enhance the quality of performances and audience experiences. The versatility of the ST130Pro makes it ideal for various events, from concerts to corporate gatherings, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of their event portfolio.

Client Satisfaction

The client expressed great satisfaction with the comprehensive training provided, which covered all aspects of the stage setup and operation. They appreciated the hands-on experience and detailed guidance from our team, leaving the visit confident in their ability to utilize the ST130Pro effectively. Their positive feedback reflects our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and equipping clients with the tools and knowledge they need for success.


The successful factory visit and training session with our Australian client reaffirmed Sinoswan’s commitment to exceptional customer service and product excellence. We look forward to seeing the ST130Pro Luxury in action at upcoming events in Australia, confident that it will enhance the performance experience for audiences and performers alike. Stay tuned for more updates from Sinoswan as we continue to support our clients in creating unforgettable events.

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